Adopting a New Kitten can be a Time of Great Excitement and Danger. It is Very important to take the time to go through homes making sure to be ready for these very nosy and inquisitive fur kids. There are many dangers we could unknowingly overlook. There are many Plants that are toxic if eaten, loose cords and small items like buttons, children's hair elastics,paper clips tree tinsel and broken balloons that can look fun to a New Kittens but be deadly if swallowed. A lot of consideration goes into choosing a New Fur members and as much needs to be put into protecting them.Here is a list of a few things that need to be checked and kept in mind:

Aside from small things left unchecked on the floors.Items like OPEN washers,dryers,fridges and freezers can look interesting when they are following you around. They can easily slip in unnoticed. They can even have little paws slammed if we do not pay attention as to how close they may be following.I once had a friend whose New Kitten fell asleep in a basket of half dried towels.She opened the door tipped both the Laundry and pet inside......No need to discus what happened after that!
Other items of interest are Ant Traps to lick or Mouse Traps to stick to or get caught bye. Window Blinds and Cords to get wrapped up in or open cabinets full of toxic cleaners. Disinfectants that contain PHENOLS & CRESOLS can be lethal to cats and absorbed through their paws.We need to be careful what we clean the home with. There are many Organic and Non Toxic cleansers available for use these days. Good Old Vinegar and water also work. There is a fantastic product that is called NOK out available and it is so safe it can not be rated for safety. I have the LINK POSTED here. Since having a first hand experience with our male stud I am a firm believer in their product for life!!

A GREAT web site to check out TOXIC plants is http://www.cfainc.org

If you click on question asked and choose the heading Cat Care you will find such Deadly Plants listed as Lilies of ALL Kinds,such as:
Tiger Lily, Asian, Easter and Stargazer Lilies to name a few. They can cause Kidney Failure to you pets. A few less Lethal but still damaging are Holly, Poinsettias, and Mistletoe. They can cause irritation to the mouth and tummy along with Vomiting, Diarrhea and Lethargy.