Adoption Cost

                                                        We usually have a small waiting list, it is kept in chronological order and We only take a few names per litter We request a $400  Deposit to HOLD your kitten.If I have a kitten become Available from a Current litter the next person on the waiting list will have the choice to take the Available kitten OR Remain on the list for the next Available litter.

 We take pictures of Our Fur Kids Bi Weekly once they are 6 weeks old to help Families watch Kittens grow and Pick a Favorite
Kittens Come with 2 sets of Age Appropriate Vaccinations, Deworming, For Any interested in buying onto a Health Care Plan we can help apply for 6 weeks free  Health Care Coverage, Revolution Multi Wormer/Flea Treatment along with LOTS of Extra Goodies in their Go Home Bags to ensure a smooth transition.Our kitten leave between 12-13 weeks old.

Please send us an email Telling us about Your Family Members other pets and home life,along with what your looking for in terms of color/pattern and gender.This way we can do our best to match You with the Perfect Fur Family Member.

We can ship our Fur Kids Weather Permitting on a Straight Through Flight only where available. Shipping costs to be paid by New Families.The average costs is $295-$375 plus $50 for a Travel Carrier. Ragdolls do well with Travel, they usually come off the flight purring.We are sure spoiling from flight attendants who spot them on their travels helps :O}}

                                                                                 WE DO NOT SHIP TO ASIAN COUNTRIES

We are LOCATED Driving Distance From London and Toronto Ontario.We are 30 minutes from Our American Friends in Michigan USA via the Ambassador Bridge/Tunnel
Adoption Cost ~
Traditional Males & Females of Any Color

$1400 +  for Our American Families

$1600 Mitted Kittens
$1700 and up (Bicolored & Lynx Patterns)


Our costs are Reasonable please do not email asking for Discounts

Adoption Cost INCLUDES Spay & Neuter before leaving